Sacco hospital, Italy case study

Integrated Health Solutions provided capital investment, a fully managed cardiology unit and improved cost efficiency.

Italian case study

The challenge

Sacco hospital is a major cardiology centre in Milan that treats 3,000 patients annually with a variety of heart conditions. It has an annual budget of €8,800,000.

The hospital urgently needed to renew ageing cath lab equipment with the most innovative medical technology and to add capacity to meet higher patient demand, but lacked sufficient in-house financing. Sacco administration was also looking for a more efficient procurement model and large-scale efficiency gains in order to enhance competitiveness, as it is surrounded by private healthcare providers strongly attracting patients.

The solution

Sacco hospital entered into a partnership with NGC Medical in 2001; this long-term contract was renewed in 2010 and is still ongoing.

How we did it

  • Capital investment of €2million in 2001 and €9million in 2010
  • Building of a brand-new cardiovascular centre with most innovative technologies: 2 cath labs, electrophysiology lab with stereotaxis, Coronary Intensive Care Unit and a new non-invasive cardiology clinic
  • State-of-the-art refurbishment and equipment maintenance of cath labs and of the entire cardiology department (after 9 years)
  • Vendor-independent material management
  • Took full responsibility for all stock lines
  • Procured the products clinicians preferred
  • Implemented a smart stock management system to automate procurement, inventory management and supply chain
  • 1 experienced on-site operations manager

The impact

Over the last 14 years, the partnership has helped Sacco hospital manage their facility more cost-efficiently and with better predictability.

We delivered

  • Efficiency and cost savings through consolidation of multiple supplier contracts into a simple service arrangement
  • Reduced procedure costs through access to higher buying power
  • Reduced waste level and obsolescence rate
  • Maximised uptime and availability of high-value equipment and devices
  • Responsive and convenient single point of contact for all maintenance issues
  • Increased physician-patient face time through the delegation of non-core clinical activities
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Imperial college, healthcare NHS trust, UK case study

Integrated Health Solutions provided cost savings, capital investment and increased on-time starts.

Imperial College, London

The challenge

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust is a major teaching hospital recognised as a centre of excellence in cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery, treating more than 20,000 patients with a variety of heart conditions annually. Dealing with growing demand driven by changing demographics, the hospital faced the stark reality that it needed to accomplish more with the same resources to minimise a funding gap. Short- term cuts were not going to address this challenge.

The solution

To address Imperial College’s needs, Integrated Health SolutionsSM created a tailored solution to bring them the latest in cardiac technologies and to optimise non-clinical operations, aimed at closing the gap between cost and patient access. Our seven-year partnership with the Imperial team started in November 2013 and included a cardiology transformation program identifying £1.5 million of efficiency savings.

How we did it

State-of-the-art cath lab refurbishment and equipment maintenance

Vendor-independent material and supply chain management

Operational excellence

Ongoing training and support

Lean academy training

Collaboration and teamwork

The impact

  • The solution has:
  • Refurbished two cath labs
  • Saved on supplies
  • Saved on staffing costs
  • Increased on-time starts
  • Increased throughput
  • Increased procurement efficiencies
  • Increased lab uptime to 100%
  • Reduced waste
  • Improved retention of junior staff
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