The need for patient-focused, integrated Clinical departments

As providers move toward value-based healthcare they will realise greater performance and delivery of care if they refurbish or expand their facilities. Through using an expert partner who can design and set up customized clinical departments and truly deliver an integrated solution this will help them realise their vision on schedule and within budget.

What we do

We help you achieve the most functional and integrated clinical departments, through offering:

  • Expertise and know-how to realise your project from planning to implementation
  • Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of prefabricated modular systems
  • Project management of project for all stakeholders

Proven scale and expertise:

  • 15 years designing and building comprehensive health facilities

  • More than 90 hospitals under contracts

  • Multi-cultural staff with extensive knowledge and experience in western Europe and also Africa, Middle East, and Asia

  • More than 120,000 square meters of turnkey facilities delivered, including:

    • More than 50 CathLabs, EP Labs, and Hybrid ORs
    • More than 450 operating rooms
    • More than 750 ICU beds

Who are we

NGC was acquired by Medtronic in 2014. For over 15 years, NGC has been designing and building comprehensive health facilities.

How we do it

We conduct a multi-step process to deliver care facilities optimised for your needs:

Conduct a technical assessment

We visit your site to determine requirements and perform a site survey.

Define operation and clinical goals

We meet your staff to determine clinical and operation goals and gather requests and preferences.

Create tailored design options that optimise functions and workflows

We identify functions and pathways to help you optimise clinical workflow and facilitate planning.

We develop each design phase to ensure construction work will be carried out according to scope, budget and timings.

Set up the clinical department and manage implementation

We oversee the building contract to ensure quality assurance and carry out regular site inspections to monitor and coordinate contractors and technical partners.

We work with an established network of partners

  • Architecture

    Enabling best in class design

  • Engineering

    Targeting the best Building solutions

  • Equipment

    Comprehensive, vendor-independent portfolio

Benefits to hospital

  1. A comprehensive approach that saves you time and hassle through:
    • Technical partners to support throughout the technical stages including testing and commissioning.
    • Customised designs to optimise workflows, increase hygiene and cross-infection control.
    • Holistic design approaches to meet your specific needs and specifications.
    • Interior design including custom made furniture options.
  2. A complete design & build system that ensures uptime and efficiency through:
    • Ensuring you do not have to deal with multiple vendors for each aspect of your clinical space.
    • Offering prefabricated modular panels that are flexible, hygienic, customisable and integrate with our custom furniture.
    • Designing, manufacturing, testing and maintaining air-handling units (AHUs) to ensure the highest quality air treatment with maximum efficiency in a hospital environment.
    • Custom designed furniture to maximise space and meet requirements.
    • Flooring options in PVC, resin and fiberglass inserted with titanium dioxide which all eliminate over 99% of viruses, bacteria and mold when exposed to light.
    • Ceiling and wall-mounted units which include columns with variable-height device and accessory-holder trays, specialised and safe electrical outlets and complete medical gas outlets.
  3. A way to experience the space before it is built Leading visualisation software enables us to deliver a 3D representation of your room’s layout, complete with your choice of equipment. This gives you a feel for the:

    • Exact dimensions of your space
    • Handling of issues such as compatibility, collision avoidance and space management.
  4. A comprehensive approach to the operating room environment, including consideration of:
    • Accommodations – all areas need to support the OR such as patient and staff support facilities.
    • Room size and shape – optimised to focus on the patient and accommodate all related equipment.
    • Power – Backup electrical systems in case of a black-out.
    • Ventilation – Separate air handling plants for each OR to improve availability and allow for reduced energy consumption when an OR is not in use.

A record of success

A sampling of our european projects:

  • Location:
    Kliniken Koln Merheim
    New Cardiac Center (3 Cath Labs, 1 Hybrid OR)
    Project area:
    New building
    Cost of construction:
    20 M€
    Design stage
  • Location:
    Paris – France
    Centre Chirurgical Marie Lannelongue
    1 new Hybrid room
    Project area:
    270 sqm total
    Cost of construction:
    1,2 M€
    Under construction

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