The need for expert equipment management

As new technologies and treatments enter the healthcare space, it is becoming more difficult for healthcare providers to stay abreast of the latest advancements. Moreover, given the added emphasis on cost efficiency, it can be equally difficult to ensure existing equipment will continue to function at optimal levels.

Nowhere is this more evident than in CathLabs and Operating Rooms. Populations are aging so demand for interventions and surgery are rising. Meanwhile, advancements in treatment are driving the need for new equipment, and as technology becomes more complex, it is getting harder to integrate into existing systems. This is why many providers are discovering that they could realize greater performance and delivery of care if they worked with a partner to manage their equipment — freeing their hospitals to establish new or better clinical service offerings using the same level of resources.

What we do

With Managed Equipment Services, we handle it all. We purchase, install, maintain, and manage capital equipment, we replace technology that is at its end of life and help hospitals develop new services and capacity.

In addition, we coordinate with equipment manufacturers to oversee the installation, testing processes, and clinical staff training.

We also take care of the financing, which allows you to convert your capital expenditures (CAPEX) to operational expenditures (OPEX). The “Fee-Per-Procedure” (FPP) approach gives you long-term budgeting predictability that makes your budget and capital planning easier than ever.

How we do it

Following a six-step process, we can help with every phase of equipment management.

Step 1 Assessment
Step 2 Planning
Step 3 Procurement
Step 4 Installation, calibration & testing
Step 5 Maintenance and repair
Step 6 Life-cycle management

Benefits to the hospital

With our Managed Equipment Services, you get access to state-of-the-art equipment and guidance —without the initial investment. This gives you:

  • Peace of mind:
  • Local project managers to oversee and manage entire project, ensuring on-time and on-budget execution
  • Manage equipment services with guaranteed up times
  • Regional expertise to ensure adherence to local codes and regulations
  • Long-term predictability due to regular equipment updates and upgrades
  • Cost savings and efficiency:
  • Long-term budget predictability and flexible funding
  • Cash resources that can be redeployed to other projects because of transfer from capital expenses to operational expenses
  • Time savings via a simplified purchasing process

A record of success

After 15 years of successful management of CathLabs, ORs, hybrid ORs, and EP labs, we now have:

64 managed departments in more than 30 public and private hospitals in Italy, the UK, the Netherlands, Turkey, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, South Africa

~500,000 managed procedures to date (i.e., ~70,000 per annum)

Interested in Manage Equipment Services? We are here to help

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