Your needs

  • Access to capital financing
    • To develop new services, expand capacity, fund re-fitting, refurbishment of infrastructure, replacement of end-of-life equipment or make latest most innovative technologies affordable
  • Reallocate investment capacity to other areas and services than CathLabs or ORs
  • Optimize cash flow position
  • Avoid the burden of high capital costs

Our solution and your benefits

Your equipment, construction and other capital items necessary to daily healthcare activities are all purchased directly by us at favorable conditions for you.

Our solution is based on a predictable 'fee-per-procedure' model where we invoice only when the activity has occurred.

This allows you:

  1. To have certainty of the procedure cost for a more agile planning of expenses and of annual budget management
  2. To have a single interface between your needs and every supplier and consequent streamlining of purchasing processes
  3. To have the widest range of continuously updated products so to satisfy every need

This model converts fixed costs into variable costs. So infrastructure and capital equipment amortization and depreciation, maintenance and IT become directly linked to hospital activity level. Consequently you obtain a better predictability of revenue and an improved margin protection.

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